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Registry Services Evaluation Process

Welcome to the information area on the Registry Services Evaluation Process and the Registry Request Service, the online tool for submission of requests for approval of new registry services to ICANN.

The process and its implementation have been developed in particular to:

  • support a timely, efficient, and open process for the evaluation of new registry services,
  • provide for a technical panel that may review the effect of a proposed registry service on security and stability,
  • establish a process by which competition issues can be verified,
  • encourage transparency and communication between registry operators or registry sponsoring organizations and ICANN staff before requests for new registry services and contractual changes are submitted as formal proposals to ICANN.

The Registry Services Evaluation Policy was developed through ICANN's consensus policy development process. The policy recommendations contained in the Final Report to the GNSO (posted 10 July 2005) were accepted by the GNSO Council, and adopted by the ICANN Board on 8 November 2005. All gTLD registry operators and registry sponsoring organizations are required to follow this policy when submitting a request for new registry services. For general information on the policy and review process, visit the Background page.

NOTE: In accordance with Section 6.2 of the New gTLD Registry Agreement, costs for RSTEP review are the responsibility of the Registry Operator. If you have any questions regarding the potential costs for such a review, it is recommended you please contact ICANN at gddportal@icann.org prior to any RSEP submission.