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Background on the Registry Services Evaluation Process

The Registry Services Evaluation Process was developed through ICANN's consensus policy development process. The policy recommendations contained in the Final Report to the GNSO (posted 10 July 2005) were accepted by the GNSO Council and adopted by the ICANN Board on 8 November 2005. All gTLD registry operators are required to follow this policy when submitting a request for new registry services.

  1. The Policy
  2. Implementation Notes
  3. Registry Services Workflow - This document provides a graphic representation of the workflow for the Registry Services Evaluation Process.
  4. Reconciliation between Consensus Policy and the contractual terms in gTLD Agreements containing the evaluation process - In response to community discussion and questions, this reconciliation describes differences between these versions of the process. The reconciliation is intended to demonstrate that the consensus policy implementation results in a process that is not inconsistent with either the consensus policy or the terms in any current gTLD Agreements.

Background Documents